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The Property Owners in Carolina Seasons abide by a set of bylaws and covenants that ensure we all do our part to make our community a great place to live. Each property currently owes an annual dues amount of $300. The dues paid by our members covers the cost of maintaining our community center, community pool, common grounds, front entrance, events, legal fees, mailings, directories, services, and a variety of other expenses that come with managing a large community. The Board is elected each January at a Meeting of Members and works very hard to ensure a better community for every resident. Our POA currently has over 280 members and is still growing! Our community is a great combination of working professionals, retirees, and military families. We pride ourselves of being a friendly and welcoming community with something to offer everyone.      

Board of Directors

The Carolina Seasons Board of Directors is very active within the community. The Board works to ensure the long term value of our properties as well as create a warm and friendly environment for our residents.


Please refer to our Board of Directors page for further information regarding our Board, current members, and how the Association operates. 

Standing Committees

The Carolina Seasons Propery Owners Association has six standing committees:

  • Architectural Control Committee

  • Budget and Finance Committee

  • Events Committee

  • Facilities Committee

  • Nominating Committee

​Our Committees are responsible for upholding our community covenants, for ensuring the proper maintenance of our Association property and assets, and for providing a safe and enjoyable experience for our residents. 



I have been a member of the Events Committee for a few years now and truly love being a part of such a fun and active community. 


Sandi S.



So much of what my family and I like about this neighborhood is the sense of community...we all watch out for eachother. 


Jason K.



Our Covenants

Our community relies on a distinct set of covenants to maintain a clean and desirable look and feel to our neighborhood. They ensure that yards are mowed, out-buildings are not built on a whim, and that trash cans are kept out of view. Our covenants protect the value of our homes and perception of our community. ​To learn more about our covenants or to obtain a copy of your covenants please visit Our Covenants page. 

Association Amenities

The Carolina Seasons Property Owners Association currently provides a number of amenities for our members. Not only does our Community Center serve as the hub for community business, but it can be rented for private events for our members. Our community center features a full kitchen, large event space, and new in 2014, secure WiFi for our members. To reserve the community center for an event, please Contact the Facilities Committee. We also have a large community pool open to our members in the summer months along with a playground and basketball half-court ffor our youngest residents. 

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